Elnapress offers a professional ironing quality, combined with significant benefits : energy saving, small size (easy to store and to transport), pressing tasks while sitting down, time saving.


 Once you're familiar with using it, the elnapress lets you really save precious time (up to 50% of the usual ironing time). Thanks to the large ironing shoe and its 45 kg of automatic pressure, you can iron all clothes and fabrics with outstanding efficiency.


 The elnapress consumes very little energy: just 600 to 800 watts, significantly less than a regular iron or a central steam system. That means triple savings for you: time, energy and money.


 The elnapress is compact, easy to transport (10.5 to 12 kg, depending on the model) and to store. It requires practically no maintenance (stick cleaner, change of base cover), which ensures an exceptional life span.


 Take your elnapress out of the cupboard, place it on a table and plug it in. In the time it takes you to settle yourself comfortably, it's ready to make your life easier. No board to set up, no distilled water to pour, no noise: what a pleasure!


 Everything is at your fingertips and you iron effortlessly: press and it's ironed. It's easy, quick and enjoyable. Save wear and tear on yourself - just sit down, relax and iron.


 Elnapress is equiped with an electronic temperature control (90°C to 220°C) and a security system. An electrically-operated alarm and power cut-off deactivates the heating system after 10 seconds in the closed position. There's no risk of burning your -delicate clothes. And it turns off automatically after sitting idle for 15 minutes.

Singer Ironing Press ESP-2


  • Professional results in half the time of conventional ironing
  • Sleek modern design
  • Up to 100lbs pressure
  • Powerful burst of steam
  • Wide opening for bulky items    
  • Portable and easy to store                                            
  • Audio safety alarm system
  • Auto shut-off
  • Pressing area 63cm X 26cm
  • Washable ironing pad cover